If you are looking for a picnic spot in Gujarat to spend a one-day or two days in a campsite resort with around 2k budget per person then it is one of the best places to visit with the eco-friendly environment and different adventure activities like zip line, wall climbing, Eco Go-Karting, etc. . It is nice place to spend quality and fun time here with your family or your partner at an affordable price.

In this Covid time, when it is almost impossible to go on long trips, me and my partner were looking for a good picnic spot in Gujarat where we could spend good time with each other and come back home easily. As we belong to Ahmedabad, we found it pretty convinient to reach there and come back before midnight.

Orsang Campsite, Gujarat

The Orsang Camp package has several activities like 

• Mini DJ

• Kids Adventure Zone

• Flying-Fox-Fly In AIR

• Sky Walk

• Mini Try Activities

• ZigZag Commando Net

• Swing Bridge

• Tyre Tumble

Tyre Walk- Orsang campsite, Gujarat

• BURMA Bridge

• Tyre Walk

• Monkey Bridge

• Walk-in Air-On Tyre

• Swimming Pool

• Jungle Trekking

• Artificial Waterfall

• Watching Iguana

The Orsang Camp resorts also offers chargeable activities like:

• Zip-Line

Zip line-Orsang campsite, Gujarat

• Kayaking

• Climbing Tower

• Eco Go-Cart

Eco Go Cart-Orsang Campsite, Gujarat


The Orsang camp is in Dabhoi which is about 56 KM away from Vadodara, Gujarat, and 164 KM away from Ahmedabad, Gujarat. It is also near to Statue of Unity (Around 50 KM) so if you are planning a three-day picnic you can also include the tour of the Statue of Unity.

Contact and Bookings:

You can directly contact the office via the phone number mentioned on their website. They will also provide a WhatsApp facility through which you can perform a cashless booking. 

The Orsang Camp offers two packages

  1. Finch (Dinner Included) 
  2. Falcon (Dinner Excluded).  

Room charges will be dependent on the season. 

Currently Orsang offers three types of rooms:

• Misty Machaan – Luxurious Machaan with AC accommodation for couples

• Cuddling Cottage – Cozy Cottage with AC accommodation for couples

• Cross Camp/Group Camping – Rooms with Bunk beds and AC Accommodations for the group (15 person maximum per group). 

All these room packages are included with Hi-Tea, Lunch, Dinner, and Next Day Breakfast. The packages also include all the adventurous activities except the chargeable ones. We recommend adding the WhatsApp number so you will be updated for the special offers.

Activities Review:

Complimentary activities:

The complementary activities which are included in the Falcon and Finch packages are good and worth trying. These activities require at least 4-5 hours to complete and there is one more extra activity set by the resort. The resort has set up one DJ with a host who performs different activities, and you will love it. The host has set up the activities for single, couple, groups, and kids. You can spend around 1-hour doing dance party, activities with the host. 

Activities-Orsang campsite, Gujarat


The resort has set the buffet for lunch and dinner. The food quality and taste were good, but after trying all the activities I’m sure that you will not check the food taste. The resort has a very good policy in avoiding the crowd during lunchtime. The resort crew will announce the names of the group for lunch between 1 to 3 PM. So, we can avoid the crowd during lunchtime.

Post-Lunch Activities:

You can continue with the complimentary activities after lunch. We recommend taking a small break and try the pool activities. There are two pools in the resort. Both the swimming pools are good for kids also. We recommend going to the swimming pool with Artificial Waterfall. It is the best time for a break. 

Artificial waterfall-Orsang Campsite, Gujarat
Artificial waterfall

The resort also has changing rooms, shower rooms near pools. The resort also provides the Locker, Swimming Costumes, Swimming Cap with minimal fees of around 50 Rs.

Swimming Pool-Orsang, Gujarat

Chargeable Activities:

The Chargeable Activities are available post lunch. The Orsang offers the activities:

• Zip-Line (INDIA’s Longest Zip Line)

• Kayaking

• Climbing Tower

• Eco Go-Cart

We recommend trying Zip-Line which is INDIA’s longest and a particularly good experience. The Zip-line offers adventurous experiences over the river and in the jungle. 

Zip line1-Orsang campsite, Gujarat

We do not recommend Kayaking as the river has not much clean water and also the boats are also not in good condition. The climbing tower is also worth trying if you are keener to experience the adventure of climbing. After enjoying all the complimentary activities and zip-line, pool break, if you still have some time then do the Eco Go-Cart.

If you, like us are searching for a good picnic spot in Gujarat, you can consider Osang Campsite as an option.

If you have visited any places and want to share your travel stories with us, reach us at [email protected].